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New Years Resolutions

We wanted to know what your new years resolution is and if you have kept it or decided to drop it like a hot potato.

2015 Predictions

Some folks dont know this but Jackson and Ashley are world renown psychics, and heres their predictions for 2015

Follow Up Interview With Aaron Rodger Torn Calf Muscle

Last friday we got the scoop on Aaron Rodgers injury by talking to the body part himself! Aaron Rodgers Torn Calf Muscle gives us a recap on sundays big win vs The Dallas Cowboys

Interview With Aaron Rodgers… Calf Muscle!

Its the biggest news story in the state right now so we figured why not get the information about Aaron Rodgers injured calf muscle from the calf muscle himself!

Should Sledding Be Banned?

Dubuque Iowa recently banned sledding in all public parks because every year kids get admitted to the emergency room with sledding related injuries. So for insurance reasons the fun police said no sledding! This is Jamie from

Bachelor Premier

The new season of the Bachelor kicked off last night and the new cast is chock full of crazies and drama queens!

What Do You Do When Given A Bad Gift?

60% of people will speak up when given a gift they don’t like or want, what do you do?

Worst Christmas Gifts to 2nd Graders

Went and talked to local 2nd graders, telling me what are the worst gifts they have ever received. These 2nd graders talk about the toys they do want. – Ashley Kix (here I am on the Left

Christmas Through Kids Eyes

Ashley went to a local school and asksome of the cutest 2nd graders ever about Christmas!