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Valentine’s Day Through Kids Eyes

One 2nd grader was getting a lot of love -Ashley Kix

Valentine’s Day Through Kids Eyes

Asked 2nd graders what true love is?  -Ashley Kix

Messing With Your Man Superbowl Edition

Tom Brady and The Coach Speak Out

Finally Tom Brady and Patriots Coach Bill Belichick break their silence and address the Deflategate scandal. the audio may have been slightly edited…

Country Lyrics Decoded

There has been a change in country music in the last few years, a lot of the artists are using slang that can be difficult to understand. Thats why we are glad to present Country Lyrics Decoded


New Years Resolutions

We wanted to know what your new years resolution is and if you have kept it or decided to drop it like a hot potato.

2015 Predictions

Some folks dont know this but Jackson and Ashley are world renown psychics, and heres their predictions for 2015

Follow Up Interview With Aaron Rodger Torn Calf Muscle

Last friday we got the scoop on Aaron Rodgers injury by talking to the body part himself! Aaron Rodgers Torn Calf Muscle gives us a recap on sundays big win vs The Dallas Cowboys

Interview With Aaron Rodgers… Calf Muscle!

Its the biggest news story in the state right now so we figured why not get the information about Aaron Rodgers injured calf muscle from the calf muscle himself!