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Q-Munity: Kelsey Strong Update

Since November, we have been staying updated with Kelsey Townsend’s family about her progress.  (Follow her Caring Bridge HERE)   Kelsey got Covid-19 while pregnant and was put into a coma to have baby Lucy.  Her family

Bryce’s Sports Break: Playoffs Update

Bryce updates us after the first weekend of Playoff Games! and he might have tainted Jackson’s Steelers – listen here:  

Wake Up Call: Steph’s Kids

After the long holiday break, we try to help get you back into the swing of your school day, getting ready for work, etc with our energetic wake up call! Let’s start with Steph’s kids – and

Jackson and Steph’s Wake Up Call

After the long holiday break, Jackson & Steph are helping you get back into the swing of life, work, class, etc … here’s the first time we got a wake up call from a boyfriend to a

Happy 8th Birthday Bryce!

Steph calls her son to wish him a happy 8th birthday – and they go down memory lane on what was happening with the Packers in the Playoffs while Bryce was being born!  Listen here:  

Holiday Lights Photo Album Winner

Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo of their holiday lights – you brightened our 2020!  PHOTO ALBUM HERE Jackson & Steph called the winner, Rachel, and found out more about her lights and how much

2021 Predictions

Are you curious as to what will happen in 2021? Well Jackson & Steph fired up the Q Crystal Ball to find out whats in store for this year! Listen here:

cheese head

Marty The Worlds Biggest Packer Fan vs Da Bears

Marty The Worlds Biggest Fan gives us his predictions for this weekend’s game vs Da Bears and what his Resolutions are for 2021 that includes cheese!?  Listen here:

Do You Celebrate Dating Anniversary

Do you celebrate your dating anniversary even after you’ve been married? Steph tries to quiz Brad to see if he remembers their dating anniversary – listen to what happened and their trip down memory lane about their

Jackson Tries Reindeer

    Our coworker, Jason Stone, joins us about this reindeer he bought for us to try – why- where – it’s all here: