2014 Radiothon Story Songs


Tristan was a very active 9 year old when she was doing what most girls her age were doing, she was getting ready for a dance recital – suddenly the headaches came. Her mom Janet knew something was wrong when they rushed her to the ER…This is Tristan
People come from all over to Madison’s American Family Children’s Hospital – Jodi brought her 4 year daughter Lucy all the way from Australia to get her daughters horrific disease treated. Lucy suffers from Pery Romberg Disease – where the side of
You have a baby and your first instinct as a mom is to protect that baby and feed it and keep it safe. Imagine what it’s like for Vanessa, her son Kellan is 3 and can’t eat at all…even though their days are hard, Vanessa has a great outlook on life.
Imagine if you wake up on morning and expect to fight with your kid over what to wear for that day, instead you find them unresponsive in their bed. That’s what happened when Amy walked into her daughter Ava's room when she was 3 and a half…and thatwa
Austin may seem like your average bubbly 4 year old but he’s been through a lot, his mom Kim is an oncology nurse (cancer) here in Madison and she sees what cancer does to adults everyday and never thought she would have to face the fact her toddler has
Andrew is 4 years old and his mom Michelle knew something was wrong with him when she brought him to his pediatrician and soon she found out she was going to have to find a way to tell her little boy that he has cancer…this is Andrew’s story…
When you hear about kids at American Family Children’s Hospital you hear the same thing, these kids are amazing, they are fighters and that couldn’t be more true about 3 year old Abby…This is Abby’s story…