Big Changes To My FACE!

I have allways been clean shaven, facial hair seems like a lot of work, it gets ichy and im not sure if i want to still taste my soup 3 days after eating it.

Now I am not one to buckle under peer pressure but when it's coming from your significant other you can only hold out for so long until you lose the will to live and totally give up...  Ok I havent gotten there yet but I have decided that maybe my girlfriend is right and I would look good in a beard.

So 2014 may be the year of the beard, and I say may be because i reserve the right to get rid of the beard if I start to look even sketchier than normal.  Last year when we did the No Shave Til 60 (degrees) i was miserably ichy but i have faith i can pull it off and go full Keisel (the guy in the picture) Let's have a great 2014 and get a little furry!

What will your biggest change in 2014 be?
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