Gracious In Victory!

Go Packers!!  If you live in Wisconsin chances are you are a Packers fan and when they are winning there is no better team to root for!

However not all of us who reside in sunny Wisconsin love the Packers, we have a quite a few Bears fans around here, even one in the Q106 family, Ashley Kix but we won't hold it against her.  You hear a lot about not being a sore loser but it is just as important to be a gracious winner, no one likes the "Neener Neener Guy".

Be proud of your home team but also remember there are a lot of sad Bears fans, we should show them some sympathy, i mean they have to constantly lose to the Packers and thats gotta be rough so your goal today is hug a Bears fan.  Remind them that there is alway next year and that we have plenty of room on the Packers band wagon.

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