I'm Not Going To Be Angry For Christmas

Sometimes my anger gets the better of me, recently I was driving a friends car, there is a small lock on the ignition that sticks and sometimes wont let you take the key out, long story short I now have to pay $250 to get a new ignition, not awesome.
Don't let your anger get the better of you during the season that is supposed to be about giving and most importantly spending time with loved ones, that tends to get lost in the hussle and bussle however the ones we love the most also tend to be the ones than annoy us the most, keep in mind mom is coming from a good place when she says you look good with the extra weight (actually happened to me).  
when you feel like the pressure of family and friends is becoming too much, take a step back and look at everything, remeber how blessed we all are to live in beautiful wisconsin and be surrounded by wonderful people even though from time to time it appears they are doing everything in their power to get on your nerves.  If that doesn't work, have a drink or 3.
during the holiday season what stresses you out the most?
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