​VInce Gill is a Swifty?

Superstar musician Vince Gill apparently is a huge Taylor Swift fan, the 2 performed her hit Red together last week at the CMA's and Vince has nothing but good things to say about Taylors crossover appeal.

"I love Taylor, She has something thats so compelling, people are drawn to it and you can't deny that." Vince went on to explain there are musicians who are more talented than Taylor and himself but they both connect with people and thats what makes a star.

Being a star is all about being able to connect with your audience and there aren't too many people who do that as well at Taylor Swift does and she certainly connected with a lot of new fans when she performed at the Victorias Secret Fashion Show earlier this week.  Yeah now I have reason to post a picture of Taylor!  
I love my job!