Candy+Potter's High School Football Smackdown

Candy, Potter and New Guy Jackson have decided to each pick a local high school football team who is known for having a suckage record. Listeners gave us a list and we each have selected the following teams to root for.

The show member's team who wins the most games will win $$$ for the chairity of their choice. 

Candy is the 1 1/2 woman cheer squad for The Oregon H.S. Panthers.
(Her money will go to the Dane County Humane Society where she volunteers.) 

Potter will be the man behind The Wisconsin Heights H.S. football team.
(His money will go to American Family Children's Hospital.)

And New Guy Jackson will be the one man, shirtless, cheer squad for his alma marter - The Belleville Wildcats. (Jackson's money will go to The Wounded Warrior Project.) 
Click the school below to see the '13 schedule/standings:

Wisconsin Heights 

Candy's team (Oregon) just wrapped up their season - AND WON THIER LAST GAME! vs Monroe 34-18 and Candy couldn't be more proud...The '13 season has ended with the Panther's winning 2 games. 

Jackson's team (Belleville) also ended the season on a high note - THEY WON THEIR LAST GAME TOO! vs Marshall 23-20 - The '13 season has ended with the Wildcats winning 2 games. 

Potter's team (WI Heights) is hanging up their helmets for the season too -  The '13 season has ended with the Vanguards winning 2 games. 

Yes, we have a 3 way tie for our charities - nothing like waiting until the last game to make a bet interesting. Congrats guys and thanks to the schools, players and parents that were so enthuastic about us adopting you! 


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