Craig Morgan Is A Hero, AGAIN!

Country star Craig Morgan was heading home after a show in Texas when he came upon an accident involving 3 semi-trailers and immediately sprung into action, rescuing drivers and even putting out a fire.
Before he was a recording artist he was a trained EMT, a Sherrifs Deputy and an Army Ranger who during active duty parachuted into a jungle to help overthrow a Panamanian Dictator, im exhausted just writing that.  The accident was just outside of Morgans hometown, where 2 years ago he saved to children from a burning building (yes that happened) then stayed to help put the fire out. 
Morgan and 2 of his crew members put out a small fire, assisted EMT's and helped care for the drivers, "He responded and did exactly what he had been taught and was a huge help." said Humphreys County Sherriff Chris Davis.  "This is just another example of the kind of guy he is, he loves doing things for others."
I'm not really sure why he hasn't been cast in an action movie along side Bruce Willis or The Rock, maybe it's because they are afraid he will steal the spot light since he is an actual BAD A**!

Would you run to a burning wreckage to offer assitance?

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