Teens Apparently Choose Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is leading the country music genre in nominations for the 2013 Teen Choice Awards, getting nods for Choice Female Artist, Choice Female Country Artist, and Choice Smile!
She has some stiff competion in the Choice Smile catergory, where 2 of her exes Hairy Styles (terrible fake name), Taylor Lautner, her BFF Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato are also nominated.  I'm not sure how big Tayors trophy case is at home but shes probably going to have to add on, winners at the Teen Choice Awards get a full sized surf board which totally seems reasonable...
We apparently live in the "Award Generation" were you get a ribbon for participation which I'm willing to accept but I think having awards for things like best smile is a bit much, instead of this i think we all would rather watch a rerun of Coach or Major Dad,  but this did give me a reason to post another picure of Taylor!

Will you watch the Teen Choice Awards?

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