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Sorry Boss, I Know Your Password

A new study shows the most common computer password is....


Sorry boss, I might have tried this on your computer. :) So, anyways, Password1 is the most common password becasue duh - it passes all of those requirements for an uppercase letter, a number and length. 

Really? Password1? That's some amazing hacking.

People increasingly are putting more of their lives online and that exposes us to greater risk of having our passwords stolen. Here are some tips to make your passwords safer. 

1. Mix it Up - have 3 phrases you use, switch them up. "Burpsrfunny4u" might be the only thing between you and getting your bank account messed with. 

2. Don't use personal info in your password. 

3. Don't keep a word document that includes your passwords titled "PASSWORDS". 

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07/03/2012 7:52AM
Sorry Boss, I Know Your Password
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