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I Might Be Creepy

Yes, it was embarrassing but Potter made me share this stupid moment I had this week. To give you a little backstory, we have some couple friends in Charlotte, NC and the girl models. 

I was at the salon and I was staring at this poster of this topless woman with stunning hair on the wall and I'm thinking - OMG that's my friend Kate! That's her picture IN MADISON, I'm going to take a picture of this "sexy hair poster" and text it to her husband and see if she posed for it. 

I get up from under the dryer, walk over to this huge topless poster and as I'm snapping the picture, I hear this woman's voice behind me say,  "Are you taking a picture of that poster?" 

I reply, "Yeah for my friend, he'll think it's hot."  [Creepy Point #1] 


Then there's a long pause....


I turn around and it's her - the topless woman in the poster is standing right behind me. [Creepy Point #2] 

So I justify my creepiness and say, "No, no, I'm sending this picture to a friend's husband because he'll love that you look like his wife." [Creepy Point #3] 

She raises her eyebrows but doesn't say anything. 

I go on to say, "I mean, you look exactly like my girlfriend." Here I'll show you - I went to pull up my Facebook page and it wouldn't load. [Creepy Point #4] 

5 min later she comes over and says, "Are you Candy? Your stylist went on break....sooo yeah….I'm going to finish your cut…" She didn't say a word to me for the next 10 min. 

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06/12/2012 9:15AM
I Might Be Creepy
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