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Brian Williams Raps "Gin and Juice"

You have to see this! ~Justin

Keith Urban is funny - Idol Chatter

Keith Urban is funny. Check out this video. ~Justin

Country Comedian Throwback Thursday!

Thats not thunder... -Jackson

What did you give up?

Will power test for 40 days! -Jackson

Top 10 Tax Tips

It's Tax Day! Hang in there. ~Justin

So the Chief Hired a Dispatcher

It's "National Telecommunicator Week." ~Justin

Country Comedian 4

Scotty's gonna see you tonight, like it or not! 

This is Guaranteed to Make You Smile

Smile! It's Friday! ~Justin

I KNEW she looked familar!

I knew that girl in the Nationwide commercials looked familar. Did you know who she was? ~Justin

I bet they sing this at Summerfest!

I wonder if they'll sing this song at Summerfest? I bet they do! ~JB

These 2 girls are so talented!

Lennon and Maisy Stella from the TV show "Nashville." Here's one my family's favorites. ~Justin

Country Comedian 3

So, thats what she likes?  -Jackson

I Could Watch This Over and Over. Go Bucky!

I hope to see more highlights like this after Saturday! ~Justin

Bucky Pumps Me Up

Click for Badgers excitement. - Fletch

Wisconsin's New Fight Song

Bucky lets dunk on Kentucky! -Jackson

Hunter Hayes' Big Brother, Nigel.

Yes, he appears loose. - Fletch

Worlds Smartest Dog! You have to watch this.

You have to watch this dog! ~Justin

Country Comedian Part 2

Kimberly, you need to calm down. - Jackson

What Did He Just Say?

Badger center Frank Kaminsky has been talking on the court, mostly to himself!  - Super Dave

Woman hears for the very 1st time

Watch the reaction of a 40 year old woman hearing for the very 1st time! ~Justin

Country Comedian

Hey Tyler, watch your speed... - Jackson

1,300lb Puppy? No. That's a Grizzley Bear

Watch this man put his entire head inside the mouth of a 1,300lb grizzly bear! ~Justin

Fire Drill Engagement

This engement is on fire! Watch this video. ~Justin  

See The Intro of Q106 Storytellers Jam Mystery Artist!

He gets a standing ovation! - Fletch

Tales From Prom Past!

Texting instead of dancing? -Jackson

Army wife has BIG surprises for returning husband

Cool story! Army wife has several BIG surprises for her returning husband! ~Justin

World's Largest Leprechaun?

Well, yes he is! - Fletch

Story Tellers Artist #4 Announced...

It's not who you think... -Jackson

Man punches 8-year old, steals iPad

This is absolutley as low as it gets!

Update on the Man with the Golden Voice

What happened to Ted Wiliamas, "The Man with the Golden Voice"? Here's an update.

Q New Music Channel

Check Out The Q New Music Channel! Adding new music all the time!


Not An Open Door Policy!

Can I get some privacy please!  - Jackson

Don't worry. These are trained babies!

It's ok. These are trained Babies! ~Justin

Don't worry. These are trained babies!

It's ok. These are trained Babies! ~Justin

Is Your Kid Gonna Be A Lawyer?

"Listen to me Linda.." - Jackson

They set a Guinness World Record for what?!

I can't believe this set a world record. ~Justin

Eric Church 6 Shows In 2 Days

Can't get enough of this guy. Can't get enough of this guy? Yeah, both. - Fletch

Nothing Beats A Free Souvenir!

Except when you have to abandon your child to get it!  - Super Dave

Complete The Tweet!

Did she win?  - Jackson

You think your kid is cute...try these two!

These two make me want to have kids -Ashley 

Justin Brown

Print your own editable 3D Oreo cookies? Mind blown! Watch this. ~Justin

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The Cheese Is Coming!

I know some don't think this is important. I am not one of the some - Fletch

You Ate What!?!

Thats nasty!  - Jackson

Terrorized By A House Cat?

He's so fluffy and scary!  -Jackson

Butterfly Tattoos Say Something About You...

Got Ink? - Jackson

What Makes A Real MAN!

Not as manly as we'd like.  - Jackson

You Know You Grew Up On A Farm If...

Cows are out!  - Jackson

The Price Is Wrong!

Rich get richer!  - Jackson

Can You Figure Out Who It Is?

Q106 Storytellers Jam 15 Artist #2. To be revealed Monday 8:30am. - Fletch

Sounds Of Yesterday For Tech Of Today!

Welcome to the future! - Jackson

Cheaters NEVER Win!

Are you a taddle tail? -Jackson

No looking back to Leno

I have to say I am just loving Jimmy Fallon taking over "The Tonight Show." 


Don't Let Your Water Break At MY Wedding!

Bridesmaid dress for 2? - Jackson 

Its Her Party And She Will Cry If She Wants To!

More parties equal more fun... -Jackson

Jackson wins Best Radio Personality

 He won Best Radio Personality for our whole city from Best of Madison.  

We're A Bunch Of Felons!

Ashley is a criminal!  -Jackson

Lets Get Competitive!

1 song, 1 category, 1 WINNER!  - Jackson

1 Month in!

Trey and Jackson's Quirks I have learned 1 month in

Trey May Be Having A Mid-Life Crisis.

Only as old as you feel... -Jackson

Bus Driver Attacked!

No fighting on the bus... -Jackson

Valentines Day Through Kids Eyes.

Kids say the darndest things... -Jackson

Should SHE Propose To HIM?

Changing gender rolls for proposals?

Jackson Is Not A Fan Of Danica Patrick

It get heated over Nascar!

Tasteful Nudes Of Jackson...

Wheres The Romance!

Talkin' romance in Madison!!

Pillow Fight!!

Throwback those throw pillows!

Sochi Is Grossy

Olympic Village needs a makeover!

Trey and Jackson Showdown Over The Lego Movie!!

The Lego movie comes out this Friday 02/07, Jackson says it will be the biggest animated movie of the year and Trey thinks it wont even win the weekend, the lines have been drawn, find out how it all went down!

Daily Replay!

Did you miss Todays Q106 Morning Show With Trey, Jackson and Ashley well here is an audio snipit just for you!!


Full House reunion on Jimmy Fallon

The guys from Full House wish Jimmy Fallon good luck taking over the "Tonight Show." ~Justin

Are You Eager, Like Me, For New Church CD?

If you can't wait, here's a sneak ear-peek. - Fletch

ACM Nominees 2014

And the 49th Annual ACM Nominees are... ~Justin

I Sang All His Songs As A Kid. Now He's Gone.

Even though I grew up in a Little Box, he made me think it was cool. - Fletch

Kacey Musgraves Pre- and Post-Makeup Before Grammys

Watch the magic in 6 seconds - Trey, Jackson, Ashley

Ah, The Power of Cheese

It's National Cheese Lover's Day. So, it's my day - Fletch

Badger Super Bowl

Also why is this Super Bowl being called the Smoke-a-bowl?

Are you ready to 'Party' tonight with Pardi?!

Who's ready to party with Pardi tonight!? ~Justin  

Big announcement from Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan held a press confernce this morning and made what he called the "biggest announcement of his career" so far. ~Justin

New Girl Ashley Kix

Hello Q106 lovers just wanted to introduce myself, the girl who is constantly making up words on your radio station is me; Ashley Kix!  


This weekend I went to the Bridal Expo and camo dresses are becoming way more popular.  

My Dog Wears A Bow Tie.

He's a dapper genteman.  -Jackson

Big Changes To My FACE!

Year of the Beard!  -Jackson

Gracious In Victory!

Hug A Bear Fan Today!  -Jackson

It's Finally Over!

Happy Holidays now GET OUT!!  -Jackson

The Robertson Family Official Statement

The Robertson family of Duck Dynasty have released an official statement ~Justin Brown

Santa On Santa!

2 Santas do make a right! -Jackson

I'm Not Going To Be Angry For Christmas

Smiling is hard... Jackson

Garth Brooks Calls The Candy + Potter Show!

Garth gets a little spicy... 

And The Winner is... Cheese!!

Can I smoke cheese in here?  Jackson

Whats That Smell!?!

Keep it bland at work... -Jackson

Write Yourself A Xmas Letter For Next Year

Now I'm even more excited for NEXT Christmas than I am for this Christmas. -Fletch

Snow Emergency & Alternate Side Parking

Alternate Side Parking can be a little tricky to explain so check this out...

I've Fallen And My Pride Won't Get Up!

I meant to do that... -Jackson

It's Not All Twangy Anymore!

The NEW country. -Jackson

Eric Church = Modern Day Johnny Cash?

Cult. Figure. Love. - Fletch

Health Food, Yuck!

I'll have the healthy hotdog... -Jackson

If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It.

No asian fusion stuffing for me. -Jackson

I'm No Tech Guru... Yet

Computers are my friend... Jackson

Oh The Weather Outside Is... Delightful!!

But the roads can be so frightful... -Jackson

Meet Candy + Potter's New Baby

Boy or Girl? Get the story and see the first photo here.