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What did you give up?

Will power test for 40 days! -Jackson

Top 10 Tax Tips

It's Tax Day! Hang in there. ~Justin

So the Chief Hired a Dispatcher

It's "National Telecommunicator Week." ~Justin
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5:01 Escape 2/26/14

The Green Lantern in McFarland

New Morning Show

First Morning show picture together---don't we look like we like eachother ;) 

5:01 Escape 1/29/14

Claddagh Irish Pub

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What did you give up?

Will power test for 40 days! -Jackson

Country Comedian 4

Country Comedian 3

Wisconsin's New Fight Song

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Dan + Shay - 19 You + Me 11:08pm
PREVIOUSLY PLAYED Tim Mcgraw - One Of... 
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