Mark Van Allen


Weeknights 7pm- Midnight

I’m the hometown guy that loves Madison for its Badgers, biking, boating and craft beers … and country music goes really well with all of it! Introduce yourself, request a song or just share what’s on your mind.

Studio:  608.321.1063
Text:       63223

Easter Egg Hunts

There’s LOTS of Easter Egg Hunts in the area on Saturday.  – Mark 4/04  Easter Egg Hunt – Cambride | Ripley Park 4/04  Easter Egg Hunt – Cottage Grove | America’s Best Flowers 4/04  Easter Egg Hunt –

Carrie & Blake Are Always Super

If you rolled into bed after the Super Bowl like me, I didn’t want you to miss Carrie Underwood and Blake Shelton helping out  Jimmy Fallon record an acapella version of “We Are the Champions.” / Mark


Gettin’ Ready for the Holiday

As a kid, I hated fireworks.  I spent most of my time under the blanket, covering my ears.  Somewhere along the line, things changed – and now I love hitting up the local fireworks.  If that’s the favorite