Afternoons with Kristi

Hi I’m Kristi! I’m a Madison, WI native – born & raised and went to East High School and UW-Oshkosh! Lived in the area my whole life… love this city! I’ve been with Q106 since November of 2019. It’s my first on-air gig , but I’ve been in radio since 2004 when I started as an INTERN in our events and promotions department! I love country music and I’m a HUGE Badger, Packer &  Brewer fan and love sports in general! I just got married in September 2020 (after having to cancel our April destination wedding due to Covid).  In addition to working in radio, I dabble a bit in photography and recently have developed a side job/hobby in art creating pieces using acrylic pouring and resin. Check out KK’s Geode Kreations! Being creative is something I get from my dad. He also taught me how to juggle – and I love showing that skill off anytime I can, so feel free to ask if you see me!! 😉 I look forward to meeting you and seeing you out and about!

80th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2020

I recently went to South Dakota for the 80th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally to represent Q and had a blast! (Don’t worry, we were safe & it was VERY easy to social distance!) I got the opportunity to interview Jesse James Dupree of Jackyl and his country band Dixie Inc – listen to those interviews here and check out some fun pics from the trip below!

Jesse James Dupree & Dixie Inc pay tribute to the truckers during the pandemic in their hit single “It Didn’t Fall From the Sky”

Country Stars Throwback!

Like I said, I’ve been in radio working at Mid-West Family Madison since 2004 and it’s given me some incredible opportunities to meet some of our great country artists! Check out some of the pics below! *DISCLAIMER* these were from, I think 2006 – 2010, so please don’t judge my clothing choices, haha!!

Before & After – PATIO LIFE

You may have heard me say a time or two, I LOVE home makeovers, home remodeling, DIY projects and before & after pictures. We’ve been wanting to add a patio for two years and we finally did it in 2020! So, all summer we worked on our backyard patio, doing a lot of the work ourselves, but most of the credit goes to our talented friend Shane (you may know him from ProAxis LLC)! I promised some photos! Here you go 🙂