Wisconsin Friends Stuck in Peru


We found out that 7 Wisconsin Friends are stuck in Peru after going there for a wedding before all these travel restrictions began.

Then Steph realized she knew several of them and graduated Mukwonago High School together!  We jumped on FaceTime to see how we can help get them HOME!

From our friends stuck in Peru: “If you have a moment, please call 1-202-647-6575 choose option 8 and not so politely demand that the United States get their citizens that are stranded in Peru home. After speaking to numerous officials including Mark Warner and Tim Kaine it boils down to the state Department and Mike Pompeo getting this done. NOTHING is being done in regards to Peru or other South American countries, but they are helping citizens in European countries. Peru has given the go ahead and other countries are flying in to retrieve their citizens, so why isn’t the United States? PLEASE help us put the pressure on. There is NO Reason they cannot send planes in there!”

Listen here to our conversation: