What Just Happened!? With Jackson Jones

If you liked Jackson’s American Tales, you might enjoy my new podcast coming very soon, What Just Happened!? It will be w weekly podcast hosted by me Jackson Jones from The Today’s Q106 Morning Show. This will be a variety type show, where we will cover what you may have missed in the last week, but this isn’t a rip and read news podcast, no these events will be filtered through my brain… so yeah! We will also have features like Movie Reviews, based solely on the trailer… Life Hack of the week, my grilled cheese recipes with some video accompanyment and other skull duggery. This podcast will feature mostly me but we will have guests in from time to time to talk about up coming events, or just general cool stuff, and lots of comedy from local and national comedians, it’s going to be a fun ride so stay tuned, you will be hearing it very soon!!
– Jackson