What Just Happened?! With Jackson Jones: “Episode 2; Space”

What Just Happened is a podcast that will cover recent events, things you may have missed due to your busy life, they will be viewed thought the eyes of Jackson, so be warned, hes VERY much Jackson.

This weeks epsode we have audio from the terrible accident a Auburn University Gymnast had, that resulted in her breaking both legs, be warned, it’s brutal, we stay in sports for a min and recap what happened to Bret “The Hitman” Hart’s Hall Of Fame ceremony, and why Texas is mad at Ted Cruz. We then take a look into the celebrity world and whats happening with Aunt Becky from Full House and if she will be going to the Big House… plus we talk science and black hols, review Hellboy which drops this weekend and take a peek inside Jackson’s Mail Bag! Enjoy!