General Contest Rules are here .

Kalahari Safari Challenge

RULES:  In addition to general contest rules noted above, listeners can register to participate in the Kalahari Safari Challenge by sending an email with their contact information (name/phone number) to by 10:00am on 8/15/16. Three random

Today’s Q106 Morning Show Contests

In addition to General Contest Rules: Better Beat Jackson – To win, answer the same or greater number of questions correctly as Jackson does. Ah, Um, Like – To win, speak for 30 seconds without saying “ah,”

Final Fur Contest Rules

In addition to general contest rules, the following rules apply: 1. All pictures must have you, and at least one dog. (Pictures without dogs will not be considered.) 2. In the event more than 64 entries are

General Contest Rules

  Participants of any Today’s Q106 contests are only eligible to win once per contest, every 30 days. Additionally, contest winners are restricted to one per contest winner per household per 30 days. If a contestant is