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Jackson’s Foot Tattoo

Yup this is happening!  Jackson lost our Race to 1,000 Selfies and is getting ...MORE

Badger Honor Flight: Steph’s Husband

Steph’s husband, Brad, was the Guardian for his Father’s Badger Hon ...MORE

Can’t Beat Steph: Melissa from Sun Prairie 5/17/19

  Melissa from Sun Prairie got ALL 5 correct!  Can she beat Steph?  Liste ...MORE

Friday Funnies: May 17, 2019

  Enjoy all the kids’ jokes from today’s show!  Share with all ...MORE

nation of patriots

Q-Munity: Nation of Patriots

Bill Sherer, Founder of the Patriot Tour, about their 10th annual tour and how t ...MORE

Ashley McBryde

Ashley McBryde joins Jackson and Steph

Ashley McBryde talks about what she was drinking when she won her ACM New Female ...MORE