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Can’t Beat Steph: Dave on May 21, 2019

Steph gets ALL FIVE correct!  Can You Beat Her?  We play everyday at 6:45am &# ...MORE

tantrum tuesday

Tantrum Tuesday: Training Bras and Play Place

What did YOUR child have a Tantrum over?  Share with Tantrum Tuesday!  Ashley& ...MORE

Can’t Beat Steph: Melissa on May 17, 2019

Melissa gets ALL 5 correct, how many can you get correct?  Could you Beat Steph ...MORE

Can’t Beat Steph: RJ on May 20, 2019

RJ got 4 out of 5, how many can YOU get right?   And Steph was NOT happy at th ...MORE

Jackson’s Foot Tattoo

Yup this is happening!  Jackson lost our Race to 1,000 Selfies and is getting ...MORE

Badger Honor Flight: Steph’s Husband

Steph’s husband, Brad, was the Guardian for his Father’s Badger Hon ...MORE

Can’t Beat Steph: Melissa from Sun Prairie 5/17/19

  Melissa from Sun Prairie got ALL 5 correct!  Can she beat Steph?  Liste ...MORE