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Posts from December 2012

You Haven't Seen The Last Of Hostess...
Check out Jamie Foxx on SNL...dressed as an under-appreciated Hostess treat!
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Come See The World's Tallest Horse Saturday!
Join me at Smokey Hollow Farm in Poynette tomorrow afternoon (12/8) from 12pm - 3pm.
Check out the FREE wagon rides from 1pm - 3pm, wine tasting from 11am - 2pm and
barn tours every  half hour to see "Big Jake"...the world's tallest horse!  Get your fresh
pre-cut Christmas tree and bring the kids to get up close and personal with the farm
animals (llama, alpaca, goats, ponies etc.)  Proceeds benifit the Ronald McDonald House!

Interstate 39-90 North
Take the CS exit
Turn LEFT at stop sign
Take the FIRST RIGHT on Smokey Hollow Rd
Farm is on the left
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Would Potter Stoop This Low?
DJs in Australia place a prank call to Kate Middleton's hospital...and they bite...sharing private information regarding her condition when they thought they were talking to Queen Elizabeth II.
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In This Case, You'll Shoot His Ear Off!
Robin Yount recently shot part of Dale Sveum's ear off during a hunting trip.
That's one way to take care of the Cubs next year! - Super Dave
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People: Dale Sveum

He Really Did Shoot His Eye Out!
At Evansville High School last weekend, Ralphie got a little wreckless with his Red Ryder!   Even after his unfortunate shooting accident, Ralphie was nice enough to sign the playbill! - Super Dave
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