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You Pick Jackson's next Tattoo
So we had you vote for what you think Jackson's next tattoo should be and we had some great suggestions, but the top 4 are as follows: Cupcake with a listeners name on it, Cowboy Lego Man, Where's Waldo, and The little Mermaid.  Which one do you love?
He will be getting the tattoo this weekend and you can see it on Monday.  -Ashley Kix
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Garth and his 10 Shows!

Garth Brooks has announced 10 shows in Chicago.

Originally it was four, and it went up from there as people bought up tickets from Ticketmaster.com!  I am hoping our boss Fletch got his hands on some he was out on vacation all last week I would like to think it was because he was home buying tickets for Q106!  Haha Wishful thinking we will See ;) -Ashley 


Full list of shows:

September 4th at 7:30 pm
September 5th at 6 pm
September 6th at 6 pm and a second show at 10:30 pm
September 11th at 7:30 pm
September 12th at 6 pm and a second show at 10:30 pm
September 13th at 6 pm and a second show at 10:30 pm
September 14th at 7:30 pm

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Flashback to County Favorites in Highschool
Taste of Country put together a video slideshow with the yearbook photos of a bunch of male country stars . . . and they're hilarious.  Zac Brown looks like he would be head of the Chess Club…Kenny Chesney looks like a choirboy, and Keith Urban's spiked hair could kill a small animal. -Ashley Kix
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Red, White, & BROWN Contest
Red, White, and Brown...This week we are going to have listeners who volunteered to come in to our studio and show off their patriotic wardrobe.  Pictures will be taken and posted on our Q106 Facebook page.  We will then have you vote for your favorite and whoever wins gets sent on the Q106 Party Bus to see Zach Brown Band at Summerfest.  Good Luck and Go America ;)
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