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Sun Prairie couple

According to Channel3000, A Sun Prairie couple have both died from a car crash in Kenosha Country.  Bram Dorreesteijn rear ended a semitrailer.  His wife was killed instantly.  Bram died from injuries he was taken off life support Sunday night, according to a relative.

The couple has a 2-year-old son and 2-month-old daughter, according to WTMJ-TV. They were not in the minivan.
Bram saved three lives by donating his lungs and two kidneys. Shari's skin, heart valves and corneas were donated.A memorial fund for the Dorresteijn's children has been established at the First Business Bank. Contributions to the fund can be sent in electronically or mail to:

The Children of Shari & Bram Fund
First Business Bank
P.O. Box 44961
Madison, WI  53744-4961

Full Story here and Blog to find out how you can help here.  -Ashley Kix


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You think the Beltline is bad?!! Check this out!
Craziest Intersection in the World!!

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Miranda Lambert Boots- YES PLEASE!

Can't wait to go shopping today for some Miranda Lambert boots!  Miranda Lambert now has a shoe line all because she had a pair of boots that she wore all the time on stage and loved them so much.  She wore the sole out on them and could never find another pair like them. The Miranda by Miranda Lambert spring line is currently available at DSW shoes and range in price from $39.95 to $99.95.

Check them out here!



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