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No looking back to Leno
I have to say I am just loving Jimmy Fallon taking over "The Tonight Show."  He is so fun so different and I find it hard to believe there is anyone missing Leno.  Could you ever imagine Leno doing this bit?  

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Storytellers Jam March 23rd
Our next Storytellers Jam is March 23rd and we just announced one of the artists: Chase Rice!  Can't wait for him to "Ready, Set, Roll."  

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Jackson wins Best Radio Personality
Jackson Jones was presented with quite the award today during our show.  He won Best Radio Personality for our whole city from Best of Madison.  We are so proud of him and his funny toosh deserves it very much.  Watch him win HERE!!

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1 Month in!

Well we are just about 1 month in of this new Morning show and I have to say I think things are going pretty darn good.  It is funny though when you work with people so closely you start learning their funny quirks and here is my observations so far (remember only a month in just think the dirt I will have 6 months deep)

-When we are off air he is constantly dancing
-Hates the smell of scrambled eggs...I brought scrambled eggs into studio one morning and he looked like he was about to vomit.
-Hates talking about passing gas or doing it (Haha where I just giggle)
-Knows more about fashion than the average Madison woman

-Has a life story about everything...go up to him and say something totally random like "hey I almost slipped on a banana today" gurantee he can out do your banana story about how he almost died from a banana.  (Totally made the banana thing up but now I Kinda want to ask him tomorrow just to see what he says)
-He freaks out if you touch a Knife!!  I had a knife with me at work to peel a orange and I touched the TOP of the knife and he just about lost it.
- Oh he also can't do snakes either...freaks out if we talk about them
- But is Mr. Handy around the studio can fix things with duck tape and his teeth 

I think what I am trying to say here is I am the most sane on the show! ;)  Happy listening!

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