My Dog Wears A Bow Tie.

I used to make fun of the people who put sweaters and other forms of clothing on their pets but I have a confession to make...  I have become one of those people!

It happened on accident, last year I got my wonderful puppy Admiral Winston Jefferson (he's a retired navy admiral, if your dog doesn't have a back story then you need to make one immediately) he is a mix of American Bulldog and Yellow Lab, which means he has very little body fat and thin fur.  Since we knew winter would be hard on him we decided to get him a coat for outside, but that wasn't fully doing the trick, so then i got him a hooded thermal shirt.

Now first of before you judge me he looks great and now can play outside without turning into a pup-cicle, I wish I could say it stopped after getting him clothes for necessity but it didn't.  After seeing how great he looked we decied to add bandana to his wardrobe and his christmas present a set of bow ties that attach to his collar.

I never thought I would be like this but I am and there is no turning back, I still refuse to but shoes on him but I have a feeling that will change, now if you will excuse me I have to get to the pet store to buy him an argyle sweater.

Do you put clothes on your pet?
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