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Posts from April 2014

Reveal to Grandpa

Watch how this "Dad" found out he was going to be a "Grandpa." Pretty cool.

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Brian Williams Raps "Gin and Juice"
As if "Rapper's Delight" with Brian Williams wasn't funny enough...now Jimmy Fallon presents "Gin and Juice." Too funny! Watch it here:
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Keith Urban is funny - Idol Chatter
Keith Urban will be hosting a weekly video series called "Idol Chatter" and his first one is pretty funny! Watch it here:

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Top 10 Tax Tips
It's Tax Day! Hang in there. ~Justin

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So the Chief Hired a Dispatcher

I'm honored to have been asked to record a voice over for the Middelton Police Department for their tribute video for "National Telecommunicator Week." (Video production by Keith Cleasby)

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This is Guaranteed to Make You Smile

Here's you're feel good Friday video! Guaranteed to make you smile! Watch 78 year old Ria on her 1st roller coaster ride.

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I KNEW she looked familiar!
I knew that girl in the Nationwide commercials looked familiar to me. That's because it's JANA KRAMER. Who just happens to sing that catchy jingle, ♫ Nationwide is on your side! ♪ By the way, that's actress Julia Roberts who does their voice over.

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I bet they sing this at Summerfest!

Joel Crouse and Darrius Rucker open up for Brad Paisley at Summerfest June 27th. I bet Joel & Darrius sing this song. How bout you? Here's hoping! ~JB

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These 2 girls are so talented!
If you watch the TV show "Nashville" like we do, you are famaliar with the characters "Maddie & Daphne" who are real-life sisters Lennon and Maisy Stella. I'm a huge fan! Mabye it's because I'm the dad of two girls ages 6 and 2. My girls can't play guitar yet...but they both like to sing with our karaoke machine and bang on the drum set that "Grandma & Papa" bought them for Christmas! Here's one of our family favorites from Lennon & Maisy.
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Jeff Gordon is back with "Test Drive 2"
Remember the stunt NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon pulled called "Test Drive". He's back with "Test Drive 2." Watch it here! ~Justin
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I Could Watch This Over and Over. Go Bucky!
I hope to see more highlights like this after Saturday! GO BUCKY!
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Worlds Smartest Dog! You have to watch this.
You have to see this! Is this not the world's smartest dog?!
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