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Posts from March 2014

Woman hears for the very 1st time

Imagine not being able to hear. Anything. Ever. That all changed for 40 year old Joanne Milne, who faced an agonising 4 week wait after an operation, before her cochlear implants were switched on by doctors. Watch her reacting of hearing for the very 1st time. It think it was worth the wait.


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1,300lb Puppy? No. That's a Grizzly Bear

Would you be brave enough (or stupid enough) to put your entire head inside the mouth of a 1,300lb grizzly bear? This guy does. Watch!

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Fire Drill Engagement
One of the coolest engagements you've seen! Watch this video. Good job Justin!
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Army wife has BIG surprises for returning husband

Check out this cool story about an Army wife who had several BIG surprises for her returning husband!

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Man punches 8-year old, steals iPad

This is absolutley as low as it gets! Watch this man punched an 8 year old child in the face and steal his iPad. Luckily he gets caught!

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Update on the Man with the Golden Voice

You may recall a few years back, the homeless man with that deep bass voice saying things for a dollar as motorists pasted by. After being discovered, what happened to Ted Wiliamas, "The Man with the Golden Voice"? Here's an update.


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Don't worry. These are trained babies!

To all babies who may be watching this. Do not try this at home. These are trained 'Mission Impossible' Babies! (Good luck Moms & Dads. I hope that worked.) ~Justin

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They set a Guinness World Record for what?!

The set a Guinness World Record for what?! Looks like something my 6 year old daughter watches on Nickelodeon.

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PRINT your own Oreo cookies?

It's 9pm...you ran out of Oreo cookies. No worries. Just print out some new ones. Wait...print? Yep. Watch it here. Are you still confused like me? How does this work?


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