It's Not All Twangy Anymore!

When I started at Q106 I hadn’t listened to much country music, I was very scared they were going to ask me a country music question during the interview process, thankfully that didn’t happen.

When I got the job I was elated but some people said “yeah but now you have to listen to country all the time and that sucks.” I would always respond with “well the super awesome cool music station wasn’t hiring at the time so I took the country job.”  Since then I have become a fan, not because I had to, its not a good idea to fake like something but it caught my ear because its very rock and roll based and the songs have good story lines.

There is nothing wrong with the Conway Twittys of the past but that type didn’t appeal to me and I thought all country was the same, Eric Church, Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan showed me I was misinformed.  Since starting my radio career I have had a chance to go to several concerts and meet a lot of these artists and they do a great job of creating crossover appeal.

Its just like being a Nascar fan and constantly having to defend the sport  I finally got tired of that and decided im not going to change their mind and they won’t change mine.   If you don’t want to give something different a chance that’s fine, you just get to miss out on some great music, oh and all the beautiful women at the concerts.

Have you tried to convert someone to country music?
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