I've Fallen And My Pride Won't Get Up!

Im 33 now and as I get older I have notice that falling down is becoming a bigger deal than when I was a kid.

“Walk it off!”  That was what my dad would always say when I would trip over my own 2 feet, the other day I tripped on a crack in the sidewalk and a concerned citizen ran over and said “sir, are you ok?”  Me yes, my pride, no.  I have realized there is a window when falling down isn’t a big deal, about 1-30yrs old, before or after those ages you could really hurt yourself.

I was knocked down by my dogs 2 weeks ago and landed on my shoulder, no biggie, well until I opened the sliding glass door and excruciating pain ran thru my shoulder.  If this is how its going to be for now on and get worse as I get older I don’t know what im going to do, I am sort of injury prone and my balance isn’t as good as it used to be.

2 years ago I got tennis elbow from taking a nap and having my arm in the wrong position, that one is embarrassing, so now I make things up, “yeah, I hurt my knee saving orphan puppies from gang members.”  It’s believable...

Are you excited or dreading getting older?
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