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I'm Proud Of My Man Purse

Men carry a lot of stuff these days, phones , tablets, documents, snacks, fire starting implements,
first aid equipment, bottles of 5 hour energy.

Our Dads and Grandads could carry briefcases and wear fedoras. Even Batman has his utility belt.

Man has spent decades trying to find socially acceptable means of carrying essential equipment
from backpacks to fanny packs to the much maligned european men's carry-all.

I myself carry a laptop case that has no computer in it,  instead its full of papers, pens, markers, gum,
snack food crumbs and a book to read on the bus (its Game of Thrones right now), and I hold my head high.

I say if its good enough for Indiana Jones, its good enough for me.

So I ask, can a Man Purse be Manly?
Or should a man be able to fit all he needs into his jean pockets and the folds of his wallet?
Let me know and comment below!

05/02/2012 8:50AM
Indiana Jones had a Man Purse!
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