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Hurricane/Cyclone Sandy - Update

8.2 million people in 20 states are without power across the East coast from Hurricane Sandy, at least 35 deaths had been confirmed so far. The AP has it at 40 in the US, with most victims killed by falling trees. That includes at least 12 in New York City.

In New York City, the 13-foot storm surge caused severe flooding. The storm was a “post-tropical cyclone” when it hit the east coast but it still packed hurricane-force wind. The NTC subway system will also be closed until further notice. 

  • Haloween has been postponed in NJ until this weekend.
  • Wireless companies say if you are trying to reach friends, use Facebook or text - don’t call. 
  • A helicopter rescue mission happened yesterday for the 17-man crew of the tall ship "HMS Bounty," - the ship appeared in "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest” and fans can take trips on it. Unfortunately, one person died and the captain is still missing at sea. 
  • Broadway was shut down, Jimmy Fallon and Letterman did their shows last night without an audience and it was AWKWARD.
  • American Apparel is now being criticized for starting a Hurricane Sale yesterday while the storm hit - they specifically advertised - Hey, if you’re bored and still have power, shop now get 20% off, just put in SANDYSALE! 
  • Atlantic City, NJ is suffered severe flooding, the mayor of Atlantic City is now under fire after he told residents to stay put instead of evacuate.
  • If you're planning on flying, check your flight. The major east coast airports will reopen Thursday. Click here.

10/30/2012 6:47AM
Hurricane/Cyclone Sandy - Update
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