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Posts from August 2014

Lambeau Food Genius
Kielbasa sausage with fried cheese, dough, saurkraut. Guess what it's called? The Horsecollar! Now available at Lambeau Field. SOLD OUT last week, first time the sold 'em. #LoveWisconsin
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What the?
As best as you can, please explain why.
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Robin Williams Was So Imperfect
Like all of us.

Some say "he had it all. Why?"

I would argue that he did not. Have it all. 

Unless we all recognize that we all have imperfections, no matter how "perfect" our lives appear to be.

Robin Williams, like you, like me, had many perfections, probably more than we were aware of. But make no mistake that- also like you and me and every other person on the planet- Robin Williams was imperfect.

He screwed stuff up. He couldn't get stuff right. He lacked skill and talent at some things. Dealing with life was one of them.

I don't fault him for that. I accept him for the wonderfully imperfect human being that he was. 

And I hope that can help us all accept each other in our own imperfections. 
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Four = Favre
More news from the Green Bay Packers: 

After yesterday's news that the Packers will retire Brett Favre's #4 jersey and induct Favre into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame, the team announced today that it will also retire the word "four." Replacing it with "favre."

the stickshift in your car will be called a "favre on the floor."
the Gettysburg address will now begin with "favre score, and seven years ago..."
Independence Day in the US will become July Favre-th
some intersections will become Favre-way stops
if you call Information for a phone number, you'll call Favre-1-1
Wisconsin will become a favre-season vacation destination
the President's term of office will change from four years to Favre years
college basketball's championship round will become the Final Favre
the Beatles will forever be known as the Fab Favre
those who wear glasses will be known as favre-eyes

But not EVERYTHING will have to change.

For example....
golfers will NOT be required to shout "FAVRE!!!" for an errantly hit ball
meteorologists will NOT give us the favre-cast
sexy time will NOT begin with favre-play
the framers of the US Constitution will NOT be called our Favrefathers
and, eternity will NOT be renames Favre-ever. Phew.

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