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Posts from October 2013

Hear (Some Of) The New Eric Church SIngle
Hear it all on Today's Q106 on Tuesday. 

Hear some it now!
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This Is How You Know You Got Some Badass Pumpkins
To try this, you have to be willing to get more pumpkins if it doesn't work. 

As I did last night, load your large pumpkins into the back of your Explorer, and leave the hatch up. Then pull away from your parking spot and watch the first pumpkin roll out and bounce on the parking lot asphalt. Then swear at yourself and say "why am I such and idiot?"

If that pumkin has not cracked or smashed, but rather bounced like a basketball, then it is a badass pumpkin.

Then, pull up to a pile of salt bags at the grocery store to load one in your car. When you open the hatch again, make sure Pumpkin #2 rolls out and bounces on the asphalt. Yes- that's another badass pumpkin.

I think I have to make them into something REALLY badass. Love that.
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Shouldn't This Be Preceded With "How Long To Drink"?
What do you think?
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Brand New Eric Church Music!
Just heard- Today's Q106 will premiere brand new Eric Church music on 10/28! The new album won't be out 'til 2014, but you'll the first single on Q106 in 20 days. 
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