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Posts from November 2012

I Was 6' 6" Tall Last Night. For a Second.
Jon Pardi is easily twice as tall as I am. I think he's 6'6". So, when it came time to shoot a photo with him, I felt that I needed to "level the playing field" somehow. I think I might have actually gone 6'7", for that one second. You ever scrunch down or stand on your toes for photos, just to "fit"? 
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Here's Lunch.
LOVE this time of year. -Fletch
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Kenny Chesney at Miller Park in May
Here's the concert announcement that Candy + Potter made this morning.
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Hurricane Help Here
Don't think Japan or Indonesia or Chile will be sending aid to the US. So we'll have to do it ourselves. Click here to make a Red Cross donation for US Hurricane Sandy relief.
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