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Posts from October 2012

Please Help Me Get Out Of This Cage
All I did was say "sure" when he asked me to step into his "office." Happy Halloween!
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Lifetime First: Just Bought Coffin Supplies
It's not too late to build your own pine box! Gonna let neighborhood kids climb in, slam the lid, and shovel dirt on 'em. Wholesome family Halloween experience! 

All you need is 6 6-foot 1x8s (top and bottom), 3 6-foot 1X12s (sides) and 4 8-foot 1x2s (support), plus a box of 1 1/4 inch wood screws. I spent less than $50 for everything.
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A Brad and Carrie Appetizer?
Do you think they're REAL. The "outtakes,"  I mean.

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You Should Tailgate With Ron Dayne on Saturday
Come to the Today's Q106 Tailgate Party and meet Heisman Trophy winner Ron Dayne this Saturday between 12:30p and 2:00p! 
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If You Google "The Axe", This Is What You Get
This is just wrong. Isn't there an SEO person out there who can fix this?
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I Know Potter Said Gagnam Style Has Jumped The Shark...
....but, you gotta check this out. This guy, Charlie Worsham, will be big in Country music before long, and the reason is because he has mad talents, as he shows here. Since it IS Gagnam style, emphasis on mad.

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Self-surgery on Lake WIngra. Now I've Done It
Accidentally gouged myself with a fish hook this weekend on Lake Wingra. Went in past the barb. Had to use procedure V. Third Line Technique: Advance and Cut. Would not enjoy having to do III. First Line Technique: String-Yank. Ow.
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