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Posts from September 2012

Green and Gold Screws, For Real
OK, yesterday I made it up, saying that the Seatle hardware special of the day was green and gold colored screws. Today, I find this as an actual, online ad. Subtly intentional, or just coincidence? What do you think?
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Seattle Hardware Special Today
Picture pretty much says it.
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How Long Can We Go Jacket-less?
Despite COLD mornings the past two days, I haven't even thought about grabbing a jacket yet. Don't know when the mental shift will take place, but I'm certainly not there yet. And then there's the question of when to turn on the furnace, right?

Are you already grabbing a coat on the way out the door in the morning? If not, when?
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But We Haven't Finished All Our Labor Day Candy Yet..
Never mind that Halloween is still almost 2 months away. Woodmans knows that we need Halloween Candy now.
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