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Posts from July 2012

Dustin Lynch, Oyster Man. Who Knew?
"Cowboys and Angels" dude Dustin Lynch sucks.... oysters, like there's no tomorrow. We had dinner last night before Dustin's Dane County Fair concert at Sardine, on the edge of Lake Monona. It only took a few minutes for me to discover two things: that Sardine specializes in oysters, and that Dustin specializes in sucking down oysters.

Didn't matter how big, how slimy (we had a variety platter), he was all over everything that was oyster. I, too, enjoyed them, figuring that whatever he's got going for him might benefit me just a bit, too!

Do you do oysters?
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Good Reason To Be Blue
I like different. I like "zag." These guys zag.

Have you heard the new song by The Mavericks, "Born To Be Blue"? As this reporter from CMT reviews the Mavericks' new CD, it's clear that this is an original, against-the-grain release from Nashville. 

Me likey.


Check out the new music challenge to hear it and rate it, here.
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Taking Trace Adkins' Advice This Weekend
In case you didn't know, Dr. Trace Adkins' prescription for "Just Fishin' ", though tried and true, isn't administered to nor taken often enough by those who could most benefit from it. But I will be on those meds this weekend, with a long-overdue fishing trip with my Dad.

But since there will be some actual fishin', here's what we'll be looking for. Can't wait!

Is there some other activity you do with a loved one that is more than "Just Fishin' "?
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First Time Ever, And My Underwear Is Showing. Great.
Always wanted to try zip lining, and finally did last week on vacation in Door County. My daughter, Lucy, even offered to shoot video. Think she ever considered telling me that my boxers were showing?

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