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Posts from June 2012

This Could Have Been My Head
I love my bike helmet even more after this morning's stupid spill. Now, if only there was such a thing as a "leg helmet."

Do you wear your helmet religiously (recommended!), or just now and again?
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A Fathers' Day Surprise, Not Mine, But Choked Me Up Anyway
Hear how Hunter Hayes surprised his Dad on Fathers' Day. If you're a father, like me, you can feel that feeling rise up in your throat.
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People: Hunter Hayes

Last Day of School Feeling In A Can
Ok, my Photoshop skillz are weak. But wouldn't you buy this?
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Little Big Town Hits Lake Mendota? Uh huh!

And here it is.....

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A Family That Votes Together... What?
All four of the voting-eligible members of my household went together. But did we vote "together?" That will be a great conversation over dinner tonight.

Assuming THAT happens.

I'm kinda blown away that we all were able to go and do one thing together, as tough as it is to make everybody's schedules work together anymore. Making it happen twice in one day, by having a family dinner, could be some kind of a modern day record for us.

What kind of things are you able to get the whole family together for?
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