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Interview with Nick Offerman
Nick Offerman is coming to Madison for the Madison Comedy Festival! we spent a little time talking comedy and the rest talking woodworking and beards!
Stolen Bike
My bike was stolen over the weekend and im not too pleased about it
Stolen Bike
My bike was stolen over the weekend and im not too pleased about it
Famous Fingers
I made my network television debut... well my knuckle tattoos did!
Alone With Out Ashley!
Ashley is on vacation and im carryng the load which i didnt realize was so heavy alone!!
Its not that hot!!
So i have been taking a lot of heat for my refusal to turn on the AC at my home, i just dont think that 89 degrees is hot enough for AC.
Achy Breacky Country Comedian
This song was fire hot back in the day, so i decided to have a bit of fun with it... Enjoy!
I've Fallen And No One Helped Me Up!O
I took a good spill while walking my dogs at the dog park ealier this week and i wasnt exactly offered any help.
Country Comedian 7
In this weeks episode Jackson is working with Voices by Chris Young
Country Comedian 6
In this weeks episode am commenting on Miranda Lamberts Automatic
Country Comedian Throwback Thursday 2
The Country Comedian bit has been a TON of fun and we were talking one day, there are thousands of GREAT country muic songs so why not open the catalog and get some greats from the past!
Country Comedian 5
Another Episode of Jacksons Country Comedian where he chats it up with a hit country song!
Country Comedian 4
Another hit country song where i add my comedic take!
Country Comedian 3
In this weeks episode we take a look at Doin What She Likes by Blake Shelton, I don't think i need to say much more.
Mustache Revolution
I am taking back the mustache for the real man!
Country Comedian 2
We mashed up hit country songs and our resident comedian and hilariousness occured!
Country Comedian
I decided to do my version of Mystery Science Theater 3000 but with country songs! in this weeks episode we are featuring Redneck Crazy by Tyler Farr
We Don't Have Earthquakes
There was an earthquake in L.A. today, we hate winter but we dont have earthquakes!
What is HTML?
We discovered recently that many Americans don't know what HTML is so I hit the streets to see if its true, i got some interesting results...
New Technology For Old Souls
i got my first smart phone over the weekend and i have no idea how to use it...
What Is Blue-Ray
There was a survey asking people if they knew what Blue-Ray is and 1-5 were way off, i decided to do some research on my own, so i hit the streets of Madison and this is what i found!
Something You Probably Didn't Know
I learned something on TV and want to share my new knowledge with you!
Americas Got Talent But Do They Have Jackson?
I finally got the news from my Americas Got Talent audition!
I don't camp and heres why...
In todays episode i am talking about the start of camping season and why i dislike it so. enjoy!