Candy + Potter's Gambling For Gift Cards

Who's ready for the hoildays?
Yeah, we aren't either but we are ready for Candy + Potter's Gambling For Gift Cards 

It's the coolest game of the year - we have a stack of gift cards in envelopes, you open as many as you want but if you hit COAL - you lose it ALL. 

and more...

And by "more" we mean you could pick up a new APPLE IPAD or a SOLD OUT VIP George Strait concert experience for 4 and...oh let's make the rest a surprise....

So? Have you been naughty or nice this year? Do you have some Karma points? you have better luck if you were naughty?

We'll find out every weekday at 6:12am & 8:12am - then play again at 11:12am & 4:12pm! 

RULES: In addition to General Contest Rules
1. Contest will begin on 11/11/13 and will end on or before 12/7/13. Contest may be ended at any time.
2. Contest plays will be at approximately 6:12am, 8:12am, 11:12am, and 4:12pm, Monday through Friday (except November 28 and 29), during the dates of the contest.
3. Designated caller (caller #10 at 608-321-1063) will be permitted to open one envelope at a time and will win whatever prize is contained in each envelope.
4. Contest play is over when caller chooses to quit, or receives “coal”. 
5. Caller keeps all prizes awarded up to point he/she chooses to quit.  If caller receives “coal” before choosing to quit, caller forfeits all prizes.