Candy + Potter's Rampage For Backstage - We Have A Winner!

Candy + Potter's Rampage For Backstage is an epic 24 hour scavenger hunt, the team with the most points from our deranged list, won tickets and backstage passes to see The Band Perry in Madison.

Thanks to all of our teams, who all got a surprise of their own and will all be going to the show.

CONGRATS TO TEAM 911 - CHRIS & MEGAN - All of our teams rocked it but these guys came out on top. Pics/Video coming soon...

What was on the list? See it below...


A birthday beer mug from The Nitty Gritty

An autograph of any Wisconsin Badger athlete

Photo - At miller and sons supermarket - fist bumping Carl the owner


A replica chair like the ones at Memorial Union


Photo - of you tent Camping at Camp Randall


Photo - You dressed as an animal in front of the real live version at Vilas Zoo


Video - of you naming (not reading) as many states as you can while walking down State Street (1 point per state)


Photo - of you with a Spotted Cow (Beer or Bovine or Both)


Photo - of you with Bucky (current)


Photo - of you throwing up "Rock Horns" in front of a sign for House on the Rock


Photo - of you trying on the largest shoes they have at The Shoebox in Black Earth


Sand (and photo) of you at the nude beach in Mazo removing an article of clothing


Photo - of you pretending the roof at Monona Terrace is a Cruise Ship and doing Leonardo DiCaprio’s King of the World pose from the movie Titanic.


Photo - of you posing with one of the Best Breakfast Plaques from Q106 and the Hole-in-the-Wall Tour (We’ve been to 8 places, not sure who has them on display vs. who threw them away)


Photo - of you Dancing with the giant mustard costume in the basement at the National Mustard Museum. Extra points if you’re Twerking

Your Mom

Candy + Potter's names on someones skin


Photo - A photo of Jackson from the Candy + Potter show holding a live snake. HIGHEST POINT ITEM ON THE LIST


A parking stub from Dane County Regional Airport at 1:06 am or pm (Military time



Photo- A pic of you standing next to the words “Candy + Potter” on a business reader board sign  


Video - A video of you at the Capitol Building doing the Micheal Jackson Thriller dance in the rotunda.


A decorated Christmas tree at least 2 feet tall

A live animal dressed as another animal


Photo - A pic of a Madison TV Personality making a “scary face”


Photo - A pic of you standing in Lake Mendota or Lake Monona (up to your knees). Additional points if you have video jumping in the entire way [head under].


A carved jack o lantern - any design.


VIDEO - A video of you meeting a stranger and and asking them to bob for apples with you.  *Additional points if you have video of that stranger doing it.


Photo - A photo of you at work in your Halloween costume for 2013 - posed with your boss/professor/teacher.


When you turn your items into Q106 at 7am, your team in a couples Halloween costume.


Photo - A photo of you in a Halloween costume in the new downtown Madison library reading something with Kim Kardashian featured in it.  


1 box of Candy’s favorite candy, Tropical Dots. <-they must be Tropical.


A live organ donor with you at the time of check in at the Q106 studios at 7am.


A real traffic ticket from a police officer dated 10/31/13 for being “Dead Sexy”.


Photo - A photo of you raking leaves off the Wisconsin Governor’s Mansion lawn.


Photo - Take a picture with a real police officer in uniform holding a sign that says “Candy + Potter Made Me Do This” 15 points. Additional points if you are in handcuffs.


Video - Of you catching a donut hole in your mouth out of the Dunkin’ Donuts drive thru


Photo - Have Amber Noggle from WKOW 27 pose on the hood of your car.


Audio - A voicemail from Gov Scott Walker on your behalf that says, “Hi, this is Gov. Walker _____ can’t return your call Candy + Potter, we’re trick or treating in the Senate right now.  50 points


Audio - A voicemail from your grandmother rapping.

Audio - A voicemail (on your behalf) from Q106 traffic goddess Katie Austin, where she  professes her love of “orange barrels”.  


Audio - You and your team performs a Candy + Potter show intro on some type of instrument. The short show intro must include “Candy + Potter” and “Q106”

Audio - A voicemail from sports reporter Veronica Rohrmoser from WKOW 27 - Acting out this scene from Anchorman with you.  


Veronica Corningstone: For the entire Channel 4 news team, I'm Veronica Corningstone.

Ron Burgundy: And I'm Ron Burgundy. Go f* yourself, San Diego.


Photo - Of you hugging Johnny Danger from JJO (he’s not a hugger).


Photo - Of you with WMAD morning host Bobby Bones.


A recording of your voice on another radio station mentioning Candy


Photo - A photo of you and a mattress salesman laying down on a bed in a store


Photo - A picture of Super Dave from the Q106 staff "rescuing" you in a super way

Video - of you performing a Band Perry hit (singing and playing the insturment of your choice) in a Music Store


A token of Madison Mallards Memorabilia


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