A Singer, Athlete, and Chipmunk Walk into a...Bathroom

What happens when you pit a professional athlete against a tiny woodland creature? According to Carrie Underwood's recent Vine posting, the tiny woodland creature will win. 

Over the weekend, a chipmunk made its way into the home of Carrie Underwood and her hockey player husband Mike Fisher. Underwood documented Fisher's capture of the chipmunk on Vine. 

Fisher cornered the chipmunk the the bathroom, but did not leave this encounter unscathed. After Underwood pleaded "don't hurt it," the chipmunk left Fisher with bite marks on his right hand. 

Underwood turned to Twitter to mock Fisher, remarking "The chipmunk is back outside where it belongs! Chipmunk -1, @mikefisher1212 -0." 

Click here to watch the video

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