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Help! I'm Lost In A Corn Maze And I Can't Get Out

I've been to a corn maze a time or two in my lifetime, but never one I needed to call 911 from, just to find my way out of! Aparently that's not the case in Dixion, California. A 60 acre corn maze at the Cool Patch Pumpkins Farm has had several people getting lost, and being forced to call 9-1-1 because they were stuck in the maze for hours! A spokesperson for the farm suggests that next year, visitors remember to grab one of their maps.. Have you ever been stuck in a corn maze for hours? Read the full story here.

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Veteran's Day Surprise For Middle School Student

One Middleton middle school student got a big surprise on this Veteran's Day. (credit NBC 15)

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Thank You Veterans

Could you make that sacrafice? To all those who served and still serve today...THANK YOU.

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Taylor Swift Shake It Off 80s Aerobics

HILARIOUS! Watch as Taylor Swift's new song "Shake It Off"goes perfectly to this 1980's Aerobics video. Too funny!

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We Love Luke Bryan!

In honor of his Entertainer of the Year CMA Award, it's Cledus T. Judd featuring Colt Ford with "Luke Bryan". Enjoy! -Justin

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