Lady A vs Lady A

Lady A, the band formerly known as Lady Antebellum and blues/gospel singer Anita “Lady A” White are back in court battling over the legal rights to the name Lady A.

What looked like the beginning of a Long Stretch Of Love back in june with a zoom meeting between both parties quickly soured.  As more lawyers got involved, the legal waters got even more murky and  Anita turned down the bands offer to use the name.

Lady A (the country band) has had their new moniker legally trademarked for over a decade, as it was the nickname most of their fans referred to them by is arguing that they own all legal rights to the name already and the settlement was very generous.

Anita claims that the bands use of Lady A has prevented her from making money, but it would appear she has gotten more famous from this than she ever did from her music career that has spanned several decades.

The Lady A vs Lady A legal battle is an interesting one, it will never hold a candle to the Trace Adkins vs Trace Adkins fight on a cruise ship a few years back, when the real Trace got into a tussle with a Trace impersonator.  If soap operas have taught us anything, we now cant be sure which Trace is the real Trace…  – Jackson

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