Jackson’s Foot Tattoo FINALE (VIDEO)



When Steph joined the Today’s Q106 Morning Show, she and Jackson kicked off the Race To 1000 Selfies, where they went out and got selfies with members of The Today’s Q106 Radio Family.  Steph was the victor meaning Jackson had to face a punishment… which they decided would be, getting a random listener’s REAL name tattooed (yes a real tattoo) to the top of his foot.



Last Friday it was time to pay up, so the Morning Show invaded Isthmus Tattoo & Social Club on State Street and somehow convinced owner Cory to ink up Jackson’s foot.

The winner was 8 month old Oliver Dariusz Czepczynski, submitted by his mom, the tattoo has his name wrapped around the American flag in honor of his parents who serve in the United State Armed Forces.

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