Hire Jacksons Dog

Last week my beloved dog Lady Bird ate an entire box of oatmeal raisin cookies resulting in a visit to the vet to get her kidneys check leaving me with a $100 medical bill and no cookies. To recoup my loss I have decided it’s about time she get a job and start pulling her weight, which is increasing due to her love of cookie stealing. Lady Bird is a 6 yr old Labradore/Blue Heeler Mix, like most millenials she doesn’t have the best work ethic but can certainly be trained and will work for food! If you have any tasks that involve barking at elderly neighbors as they stroll past the house, barking at squirrels playing in the yard, or barking at other dogs on the TV then Lady Bird is the dog for the job! She is also very useful if you have a baby who throws food on the flood, Lady Bird will make short work of any food items that hit the floor she will even clean any remains leaving your floors sparkling! Attached is a resume and a head shot and her contact information, if she doesn’t return your messages shes probably sleeping in the middle of my bed like she owns the dang thing!
(real talk: if your dog gets into some raisins or grapes like she did, get them to the vet immediately. we were very lucky, dont take a chance with your pup!)
– Jackson