Russell Dickerson Left You A Voicemail Message

by Fletcher Keyes

Though Russell Dickerson technically called me on Super Bowl Sunday, really he was calling to leave a message for YOU. In reality, RD’s message was “Yours“, which went to #1 the week that Russell was in Madison.

Hear it here:

If you were at Russell’s sold-out show at the Majestic Theater a couple of weeks ago, you know how exciting it was to share with him a moment in time, the moment when he hit #1 for the first time in his career with his debut single, Yours.

Though Russell is a unique artist, in his style and sound, he is not unique in his grace and thankfulness. Many Country artists have reached out the same way, often for more trivial, but still much appreciated reasons, which I find to be completely endearing.

Would you come see Russell if we brought him back to Madison again?


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